Celtic Works  - Designed and hand made in Wales
About Me! 
Hi, my name is Mike Jones, I am a craftsman and designer that has lived and worked in the beautiful Vale of Clwyd  in North Wales all my life. 
My designs are all original; however, they have been influenced by traditional Celtic patterns which have evolved over the centuries as they have incorporated many different cultures from the Anglo Saxons and Vikings to the Persians.
As a Welshman I am very passionate about promoting the Celtic culture and also that of products that are actually made in our fair land .
I started out by designing the Celtic Cross which is an iconic image in the Celtic lands of Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Cornwall, The Welsh Dragon plaque was a natural follow on being that I am Welsh!!  The Celtic Heart and Angel were a joy to design and seemed to flow quite naturally.  My new Resting Dragon was a real challenge that took a lot of time and he lost his head a few times!!  The most time consuming and intricate piece is my new Moon Gazing Hare, again I have taken the inspiration from Welsh legends even though a Moon Gazing Hare appears in other cultures from around the World!