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Craft Fairs

Middle od May and freezing cold in the workshop!  Have been trying to get stalls at various craft fairs - they are just too expensive though.  I would have sell a lot just to break even.  Sad really, I know that I have to get my stuff out there but I need to make a living! A lot of craft fairs have refused me a table unless I become a member of THEIR craft association (for a fee of course), no wonder many craftspeople just give up!

Celtic Works discovers technology!

Hi all,
Well this is a first, have discovered the delights of blogging.  Have no idea how it works, but have been told it's a great idea!  Anyway, have been busy in the workshop all day trying to get my new Celtic Cross finished, it's too cold and damp though!  Have been on the internet trying to get a price for silicone rubber - you get some weird sites when you type that into Google!!  Have also spent the day designing my new labels, am now looking into designing some new wedding favours - busy busy busy.

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Craft Fairs
Celtic Works discovers technology!


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